Trusted Home Care in Winston

A nurse and a senior citizen are sitting next to each other at Advantage Home Care in Winston Oregon.
Our experts in home care in Winton are skilled at providing the quality companionship and care that senior loved ones deserve.

Home isn’t just where the heart is; it’s where our memories and comfort are as well. That’s why most older adults choose to age in place at home. However, as people age, they often require some amount of assistance in order to remain at home safely. Advantage Home Care offers trusted home care in Winston that provides seniors with the care and companionship they need to live safely and happily in the place they love most. Our experienced caregivers offer services that include personal care, homemaking services, companionship, dementia care, and much more.

Each person we serve is unique, and their care must be unique as well. We offer customized Winston home care services that can meet seniors where they are and evolve with them. These services can include:

What Makes Our Home Care in Winston Different?

With deep roots in our local community, the team at Advantage Home Care has become a trusted provider of home care in Winston and surrounding communities. What makes our home care different? Our caregivers take the time to listen to and understand your needs and wishes, from the first phone call to creating a care plan. We are dedicated to empowering our clients and their family members to achieve a safe and happy home and healthy life balance.

Our Experts in Winston Home Care

Bringing a caregiver into your home is a blessing, but it can feel overwhelming. You may wonder if your loved one and the caregiver will get along. How experienced is the caregiver? Can you rely on them? These are all important things to consider for the safety and wellbeing of a senior loved one. To set your mind at ease from the very beginning, we conduct in-depth interviews, reference checks, four background checks on all caregivers prior to an offer of employment. We also check DMV records annually and conduct drug testing as needed.

Our caregivers are all kind, compassionate individuals with exceptional skills. We conduct small class orientations and continuing education, exceeding state training requirements. We also use professional equipment to give hands-on training in specific client care needs, such as turning and positioning and using a Hoyer lift to ensure that our caregivers in Winston can meet all your care needs.

Get the Professional Home Care You Need in Winston

Your senior loved one’s health, happiness, and safety are our top priorities! If you would like to learn more about our home care in Winston, give us a call at 541-440-0933 or reach out to us online. We will be happy to schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss your care needs. For a full list of all of all of the communities where we provide care, please visit our Communities Served page.