Solving the Meal Preparation Puzzle

Caregiver serving senior client dinner
Solve the meal prep puzzle with these tips from our providers of respite care in Roseburg and surrounding areas.

It may seem overwhelming to ensure your loved one receives assistance with three healthy meals a day, seven days a week. Some potential solutions are:

  1. Schedule a caregiver in the home to prepare and serve all meals.
  2. Schedule a caregiver to prepare and serve some meals fresh, and to prepare, package, and label extras for reheating in a microwave later.
  3. Bring extra meals from your own household, packaged and labeled for easy reheating later.
  4. Use Meals on Wheels (if your loved one qualifies) to supplement food you or a caregiver prepare.
  5. Consider an independent living apartment that includes some or all meal preparation. This may be an economical alternative to assisted living. For example, Advantage Home Care has a partnership with Riverview Terrace in Roseburg. Riverview’s dining room is open breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. Advantage Home Care assists with other care needs, such as shopping, showers, medications, and laundry.

If your loved one is unable to shop, makes unhealthy food choices, or is unable to plan for a week’s worth of meals, consider a grocery delivery service. Make sure the food is delivered while you or the caregiver are present and able to unpack and put it away.

Post a list on the refrigerator of foods your loved one likes and dislikes, as well as any dietary restrictions. Offer healthy choices that satisfy your loved one’s preferences. For example, if your diabetic loved one frequently asks for pancakes with syrup, have satisfactory substitutes, such as low carb baking mixes and syrups.

If your loved one has dementia, it may also be helpful to give an example of usual portion sizes and snack options. For example, if your loved one eats child sized portions, and is losing weight at an undesirable rate, give examples of snacks your loved one is likely to accept and enjoy.

If your loved one dentures or tooth decay, perhaps soft foods are recommended.

During the intake assessment and every quarterly visit in home, Advantage Home Care discusses any concerns regarding the nutrition and hydration needs of your loved one. We have both the empathy and the experience to help guide you and offer solutions.

To learn more about how we can help with meal preparation for a senior you love or to find out more about our trusted Winchester respite care and home care services throughout Douglas County, reach out to us today at 541-440-0933.